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January 21, 2021
After Addiction Treatment

Any addiction treatment center can keep its clients sober during the inpatient treatment phase, but how do these organizations make sure the sobriety continues once their graduates pack up and head back home?

The answer is aftercare addiction treatment services. Although most treatment centers offer some form of aftercare options, we believe ours are some of the most comprehensive, effective and affordable in our industry.

At Elevate Addiction Services, we send every graduate of our inpatient program back home with a structured post-treatment plan to follow. Best of all, former clients don’t even have to pay anything extra to take advantage of our aftercare services. It’s all covered by their initial fees when they were admitted to one of our Northern California treatment centers.

Aftercare is technically the 4th phase of treatment at Elevate. Whereas phases 1-3 have a somewhat fixed amount of time, aftercare is an ongoing, indefinite process – and we’re there for our graduates every step of the way.

Here are the aftercare addiction treatment services available to graduates (aka alumni) of Elevate:

Graduation Ceremony

Those who complete our inpatient program get to participate in a graduation ceremony with other clients who are finishing the program around the same time. You’ve made it! It’s a big deal! Not everyone makes it this far. Family and friends are invited to attend the graduation ceremony.

Post-Treatment Planning

Each client leaves Elevate with a customized post-treatment plan, also known as a relapse prevention plan. We begin developing this plan with the client and his or her family’s involvement in phase 3 of our treatment program. The post-treatment plan will feature daily tips and reminders, as well as a directory of personalized clinical and technological resources that will help the graduate maintain sobriety.

Aftercare One-On-One Support

As clients complete our inpatient program, we assign them one Elevate staff for the aftercare phase. One-on-one counseling is thus available on an ongoing and as-needed basis. Elevate graduates can meet with their counselor in person (if feasible), or over the phone or by using a secure internet connection.

Regular Check-Up Calls

At minimum, the graduate will check in with his or her aftercare counselor once a week over the phone and this will decrease over time. We actually implore the graduate to make the call, so that he or she will keep taking initiatives such as this. During the call, the counselor will make sure the graduate is following the post-treatment plan and utilizing the knowledge and lessons he or she learned during inpatient treatment at Elevate.

Support Group Referrals

The client’s post-treatment plan will include referrals to the most appropriate sober support groups in his or her area of residence, whether in California or another state. It might be a group that is not typical such as an exercise gym with support group, or a Yoga studio for people who are dealing with difficulties or any another type of support group.  But whatever the case, we’ll make sure to identify right fits one for our client before he or she graduates our program.

Vocational Training And Internship

Select graduates of Elevate will be accepted into a trainee program we’ve established. Our current full-time staff features several individuals that were once our clients. We find that many graduates are eager to give back to the program that once helped them, and they want to share their insights and discoveries with the next generation of recovering addicts.  Certain outstanding individuals can apply for the training program.

Graduate Assurance Plan

Providing the client has been following their discharge plan, we offer each client a six-month period after graduation during which he or she can return to our facility for up to 30 days of treatment (as long as a bed is available) if a relapse has occurred. For graduates who privately paid for the inpatient program, there is no additional charge for returning for treatment after a relapse. For graduates who went through insurance for our treatment, their insurance company will be billed at the appropriate daily rate based on the necessary level of care.

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