What Is Telehealth Addiction Treatment?

March 1, 2021
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Telehealth addiction treatment is a virtual outpatient program that revolves around individuals communicating with licensed health counselors via video conferencing software. 

Telehealth can also include:

  • texting
  • mobile apps 
  • telephone-based support 

These can be offered alone or in conjunction with video conferencing appointments. No matter the application, telemedicine offers innovative approaches for treating and reducing the effects of substance use.

Benefits & Limitations of Telehealth Addiction Treatment

At times, individuals may not be able to attend addiction treatment at a physical facility. Telehealth outpatient treatment is a good alternative when this happens. The core of the telehealth is talk therapy, which boils down to an honest conversation between you and a therapist. 

Potential benefits of telehealth services can include: 

Ease of Access

Because connecting with your counselor can happen via mobile device or computer, you can schedule appointments and access help at your own pace.

Convenient and Comfortable

With the world changing due to COVID-19, getting out can be more complicated than it once was. Telehealth sessions are designed to meet clients wherever they may be, from the comfort of their couch to the front seat of their car.  

Potential Savings

While the cost of virtual programs is generally the same as in-person treatment, it’s possible individuals will save on the cost of commuting to the rehab facility and other potential expenses.

Local Treatment Support

Even though telehealth was initially designed for long-distance medical services, it is also a great way to connect with local treatment programs. Treatment programs can then be transitioned into in-person appointments if needed. 

Although there are clear benefits to telehealth addiction treatment, it also has its limits. Diagnostically speaking, telehealth can be more problematic for counselors who depend on body language and other cues that are easier to interpret in person. 

Individuals may also feel more disconnected from their treatment since their support system is mostly virtual. They will need to take on the responsibility of adjusting their daily routines. 

What Telehealth Services are Offered at Elevate Addiction Services?

Elevate Addiction Services offers an intensive outpatient program (IOP) as its main virtual telehealth option. Our IOP program schedule is as follows:

  • check-in
  • educational session 
  • 15-minute break 
  • mindfulness session 
  • group session 
  • checkout 

Individuals will check-in and out virtually every session, and each person conferences into the same group to speak to the same counselor. In some cases, some individuals may peel off from the group to talk with the counselor one-on-one if they wish.  

Paying for Telehealth Care at Elevate Addiction Services

Elevate Addiction Services accepts most major insurance carriers. We also offer flexible private pay rates and payment plan options. You can verify your insurance on our site or contact our admissions team to learn more about exact program pricing. 

What to Expect while Participating in Telehealth Treatment at Elevate Addiction Services

Exercises that individuals will complete during telehealth outpatient treatment at Elevate include: 

  • relapse prevention
  • a mindful approach to triggers 
  • weekly one-on-one sessions 
  • responsibility reflection 
  • understanding & addressing the root causes of addictive behaviors
  • conscious recovery 
  • mindfulness workbooks for addiction 

What Makes Elevate Addiction Services Telehealth Different?

Our holistic approach to treatment makes the treatment programs at Elevate Addiction Services stand out from the rest. We do not treat symptoms at Elevate – we treat people. By helping individuals address every aspect of their lives, Elevates’ telehealth program can help you, and your loved one get your life back. 

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