Helpful Drug and Alcohol Addiction Resources

Thank you for visiting Elevate Addiction Services’ website. This area of the site is dedicated to helping you learn more about addiction and rehabilitation through various in-depth resources. Here, you’ll also find our FAQs section as well as helpful alumni and local resources.

To see which free resources we have available to all visitors of this site, continue reading below.

Free, Downloadable eBooks and More

Elevate Addiction Services has prepared a number of FREE and easily downloadable eBooks, white papers and more. Topics cover everything from “Getting Loved Ones into Rehab” to “Lifestyle Cleanse.” On this resource page, you’ll also have the option to download our latest brochure, where you’ll learn more about our facilities and our program.

eBooks & More

Alumni Support Resources

Graduates of the Elevate program are also treated to a various resources to help them with their recoveries and to let them know more about alumni-friendly activities at our facilities. This area also features our Alumni Events Calendar. Click the button below to access our alumni support resources.

FAQs About Elevate Addiction Services

If you have a question about Elevate’s program, our treatment methods, or what separates us from other treatment centers, there’s a good chance it’s answered on our FAQs page. See our responses to more than a dozen frequently asked questions by clicking the button below.

Elevate FAQs

Understanding Addiction

Our site also features several resource pages dedicated to understanding addiction to a number of different substances – such as alcohol, illicit drugs and prescription drugs. You’ll also learn about the best treatment methods for each individual substance. Visit our vast addiction resources by clicking below.

Addiction Resources

Local Resources

For California residents, we’ve got numerous different resources that will direct you to local AA groups, counselors, gyms, support groups and much more. Whether you have participated in the Elevate program or not, you’re invited to take advantage of the following local resources.