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January 21, 2021

If you’re looking to delve a little further into understanding addiction and how it’s treated, this page will direct you to material that’s more in-depth and exclusive than you’ll find anywhere else.

Here you will find several FREE digital downloads – such as brochures, eBooks and white papers – that you can keep handy on your computer or even print out. Check back here periodically to see if we have a new resource that you can download and utilize.

The following resources prepared by Elevate Addiction Services are available to download right now:

Holistic Treatment for Substance Abuse

What exactly is holistic therapy? Why has this form of treatment spread like wildfire, in terms of popularity, in the rehab world over the last several years?

Download our free eBook to learn how holistic treatment is a long-term solution to breaking one’s addiction. Also, learn how WE use holistic treatment at Elevate to achieve immediate and long-term results with our clients. DOWNLOAD ‘OUR HOLISTIC TREATMENT GUIDE’ NOW!

Getting Loved Ones into Rehab

Not only can a loved one’s continued substance abuse be exasperating, but the hardest task for you could be trying to convince them that they need help. Denial and pride often hold an addict back from accepting help and entering a treatment center.

If you need concrete strategies or just some affirmation as you try to help your loved one enter rehab, download and peruse our free eBook on the topic. You’ll finish the eBook with effective ideas on how to respond to your loved one’s objections, plus you’ll know which people and resources to involve in your effort. Click the button below to claim your free digital download. DOWNLOAD ‘HOW TO GET A LOVED ONE INTO REHAB’ EBOOK

Easy-to-Follow Tips for Keeping Your Recovery Successful

Whether you or a loved one is thinking about inpatient rehab or you have just graduated from a facility, our newest eBook will be help you stay motivated with a holistic approach to recovery that will improve your life.

Learn about how you can train your mind to focus on the positive, what a healthy diet for someone in recovery looks like, and simple ways to get your body moving even if you don’t think you can exercise. Download our new guide that will inspire you to a stay the course or start your journey to a new life today. GET OUR ‘EASY-TO-FOLLOW TIPS FOR RECOVERY’

The Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis of the past 15 years is the defining addiction issue of the century. Virtually every aspect of modern society has been affected by the spread of prescription painkillers, and the all-too-often progression from them to heroin and harder opiates.

Learn about the history of the crisis, from the earliest use of opium to the rise of oxycodone in our free ebook, “Opioids.” We’ll explore the tragedy of this avoidable addiction through personal reflections and explain how this crisis came to be – and most importantly, what we can do about it. DOWNLOAD ‘OPIOIDS’ EBOOK

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