The opioid crisis of the past 15 years is the defining addiction issue of the century. Virtually every aspect of modern society has been affected by the spread of prescription painkillers, and the all-too-often progression from them to heroin and harder opiates.

We’ll cover:

  • The history of opiates, from opium to morphine to Oxy to fentanyl
  • The rise of availability beginning in the 1990s of prescription opiates, due to lax regulations and irresponsible advertising practices by major manufacturers like Purdue
  • The personal costs of opiate addiction, as told by real survivors
  • The social, economic and health costs the United States and other nations are facing due to the rise of opioid addiction
  • What the future holds for opiates and opioids in America
  • Available treatments and recovery methodologies that point the way to a sober life

Learn about the history of the crisis, from the earliest use of opium to the rise of oxycodone in our free ebook, "Opioids." Not just a breakdown of how the crisis came to be and what it means, this ebook points out how society at large and those suffering from opioid addiction can take action against the deepening crisis. We’ll explore the tragedy of this avoidable addiction through personal reflections and explain how this crisis came to be – and most importantly, what we can do about it.

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