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January 21, 2021

Here are some common questions about our program, philosophy, and facilities.

If your question is not answered here, feel free to call us anytime, and we’ll get answers for you right away.

How is Elevate Addiction Services Different Than Other Treatment Programs?

Our program is truly natural and holistic in nature. We do not believe that treatment simply consists of substituting one drug for another, as many other treatment centers do.

We strive not to prescribe anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, or other medication as a solution to deal with mental health issues.  Due to this, we are not able to take all types of addicts and any potential clients must go through a thorough assessment either in-person or over the phone prior to enrollment.

We do believe that by safely coming off medication, the body is given a chance to produce its own natural hormones and replenish what drugs took away.

Our program aims to rebuild each client’s body and mind through nutrition and exercise. We also address addiction issues using evidence-based practices in a non-judgmental, non-evaluative manner.  

While this may seem foreign to some people, we have had great success with people who thought they needed medication and are now much happier without it.

How is Elevate Different Than 12-step Programs?

While we acknowledge that 12-Step programs have helped many people, and that over 90% of drug rehabs use the 12-Steps, that method is not for everyone.

Elevate is quite different in the sense that we do not believe that addiction is a literal, incurable disease that can only be managed indefinitely through medication and meetings.

Instead, we believe that the individual can become empowered to the point where he or she no longer feels the need to take drugs or alcohol to feel normal.

We believe that life skills and tools raise the confidence, self-respect, and self-esteem of individuals with addiction so they can become in control of their own life, not powerless to their disabilities.  

The more confident a person becomes, the better he or she is to overcome barriers and issues they will run across.  We believe you are not only not powerless, you are more powerful than you ever imagined!

The Elevate program stresses personal accountability, confronting issues in life, becoming honest with oneself and others, and living with integrity and honor. We have seen many clients who were unsuccessful with traditional rehabilitation methods respond fantastically to our treatment approach.

What is Your View on Drugs Prescribed for Health Benefits or Medical Conditions Not Related to Addiction?

We don’t believe all medication is bad. That would be extreme. Obviously, some individuals may need to continue taking medication for a specific health condition while in rehabilitation for addiction.

Non-narcotic medication used to treat conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, infections, etc., is always acceptable for use while participating in the Elevate program, as long as it is taken in accordance with a medical doctor’s orders.  

If you have any questions, call us and we’ll go over it with you.

What Type of Treatment and Counseling is Offered in the Program?

Elevate subscribes to a multitude of evidence-based treatment methods. All of these are backed by certified counselors and overseen by licensed clinical staff.

While we do offer group sessions, they are very likely not the same as you would see at other facilities. We don’t like the idea of just sitting around talking and talking for hours on end.

We aim to make group sessions more educational, interactive and enlightening. Also, there is to be no judgment for anything disclosed in the sessions.

We strictly aim to allow clients to come to their own conclusions, and we do not psychoanalyze them or allow them to be talked down to during a session.  Our groups are aimed to be positive for all participating.

We also offer individual one-on-one sessions with compassionate counselors who will help clients rediscover their own goals and dreams and then decide for themselves how best to move forward.

You are never told what to do, how to think, or who you should be. Instead, you are shown that there are other paths to walk.  You are to choose what is best for you and when you take control of your life in this way, it is that much more real and powerful to you.

Dealing with heavy issues is necessary, but can be overwhelming and draining.  Elevate also believes in other forms of treatment such as Art Therapy, Experiential Therapy, Adventure Therapy and more.

These holistic activities are not only fun but extremely enlightening and they help restore and enhance a person’s confidence, self-respect, and purpose to live a strong and meaningful life.

At Elevate, our clients love participating in so many holistic and recreational activities and counseling sessions that their recovery never gets boring and every day is a new adventure!

How Does Elevate Help People Get Their Health Back?

Everyone is individually evaluated regarding their health and fitness level when they finish detoxification.

At that point, it’s our hope that clients will be inspired to be much healthier than when they arrived.

To that effect, we have compassionate staff dedicated to providing tools and support to assist clients in a healthier lifestyle and to achieve any dietary goals and exercise routines.

With new clients setting their own goals as to what they would like to achieve, it’s our obligation to help them reach those objectives.

On a proper gradient, clients can set higher and higher goals, such as going from walking to hiking to running to fitness training.

We want exercise to be fun, and we hope to integrate it into the lives of our clients so that they can be part of a healthy and positive community when they leave.

What is There to Do at Elevate When Not Receiving Treatment?

There is plenty to do on our various campuses, both in the Santa Cruz area and the Lake Tahoe areas.  Our facilities have plenty of recreational activities, such as swimming, volleyball, basketball, workout areas, and more.

Some clients play cards, ping pong, or board games, watch movies, or go for a walk or hike on the property. Clients have no shortage of things to do to keep themselves entertained while not in treatment.

Does Elevate Have Any Religious Affiliation?

No, we don’t. Elevate is an independent, non-religious alcohol and drug rehabilitation program, but we serve clients of all faiths. We welcome people from any faith, or those who are not religious at all.  

On Sundays, we take a trip to a local non-denominational church for anyone who wants to go. Also, depending on our clientele, we may rotate churches as needed on weekends.

We have places of worship for both eastern and western religions locally, including non-denominational Christian churches, Catholic churches, Jewish synagogues, Buddhist temples, and more.

Is My Privacy Protected in the Program?

Absolutely. All federal and state confidentiality laws are strictly enforced. We will not release any information about you, your treatment or your stay without express written consent. 

Be aware that even spouses or family members who call will not be given information if they are not expressly noted in your records.

Do Your Staff Members Also Have Personal Experience With Drugs and Alcohol?

Not all staff members are former drug or alcohol addicts, but most of them have been through their own personal struggles and have overcome them.

It’s typical in the addiction field to see someone who has achieved freedom from drugs want to help others reach the same pinnacle.

In fact, sometimes it is difficult for clients to relate to someone who does not have personal experience with drugs or alcohol. Therefore, we see recovered addicts as an asset, not a hindrance.

Most of us have been there, and we care very deeply about helping our clients overcome their problems and go on to live the life they always wanted.

In the Inpatient Program, Can I See a Doctor or Go to the Hospital if Need Be?

Of course. All new clients will see a doctor right away for assessment and screening for our program.

During the program itself, if anything comes up that cannot be addressed by Elevate’s doctor or medical staff, the nearest hospital is only a 10-minute drive away.

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