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Co-hosts Angie Manson and Dallas Terrell bring you a genuine “behind the scenes” perspective from one of the most innovating and popular drug and alcohol treatment facilities in the industry, Elevate Addiction Services.

Gain an understanding of what it’s like to treat people with addiction. Learn about recovery from insiders who have not only been there but are now successfully saving hundreds of lives every year.

No topic is off-limits, and Dallas and Angie offer a very casual and relaxed conversation that is real, not polished, or stuffy. There is no fluff, just straight talk with people in the industry. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Elevate Experience.

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Episode 1: Dan Manson

Dan Manson has been in the addiction treatment industry for more than 24 years. Dan started as an addiction counselor and came to realize that he disagreed with the treatment options and models that were available. So he and his wife, Angie created Elevate Addiction Services along with an amazing team of veteran staff.

On a mission to approach addiction more holistically, but also from a scientifically evidence-based approach, Dan and Angie centered the Elevate model around the idea of healing the whole person, not merely their symptoms. Listen to today’s episode to understand more about what makes Elevate Addiction Services stand apart from other addiction treatment centers and why it’s continuing to gain recognition as one of the premier treatment models in the industry.

Learn more about Dan Mason: LinkedIn

[1:45] Individual counseling

[3:07] One-on-one importance

[5:00] You are not alone

[5:53] Cognitive and mental stabilization

[6:46] Medical model is prescriptive

[9:58] Medical model makes clients recovery more critical to the counselor

[12:18] Easier to be a critic than a cheerleader

[14:10] Cognitive Behavioral therapy uses during treatment

[16:13] Scotts continued recovery experience

[18:54] Elevate’s biggest difference from AA or NA

[24:05] How COVID-19 is affecting aftercare

[25:42] Pillars of recovery

[32:56] Why Scott chose Elevate

[38:32] Responsibility in healing goes both ways

[40:58] Showing up

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Episode 2: Tim Sinnott

Tim Sinnott has over 30 years of addiction treatment experience, individual and group counseling, and dual diagnosis. Having gone through his own struggles with substance abuse and working for multiple treatment centers, Tim is glad to be working for a place like Elevate, where we practice what we preach.

Join us today as we talk about how the world’s current state has increased the need for substance abuse awareness and access to different treatment options. We will also talk about some of Tim’s favorite parts of the Elevate program and how they differ from other rehab facilities.

Learn more about Tim

[1:30] About Tim Sinnott 

[3:45] Elevate’s dedication to staying open during COVID-19 

[4:38] Relapse rate increase during the pandemic 

[8:12] Positive psychology in today’s chaos 

[13:12] Addiction and isolation 

[18:43] The blame game

[20:36] Mindfulness

[21:55] Why we believe in fitness as a part of recovery

[25:52] Symptom substitution 

[26:40] Elevate’s take on education 

[29:00] Why we offer different avenues of treatment 

[35:55] Recovery exit strategies 

[36:40] Elevate awarded for awesome treatment outcomes 

[41:58] Tim celebrates 39 years of sobriety

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Episode 3: Scott Friend

Scott Friend has a Doctorate in Psychology and many years of experience in addiction treatment. Scott has been through his own recovery journey and is a one-on-one counselor at Elevate Addiction Services.

Join us as we talk with Scott about the facets of one-on-one counseling, how Elevate’s program differs from traditional 12-step programs, and the importance of connecting with others during your recovery journey.

More about Scott

[1:45] Individual counseling

[3:07] One-on-one importance

[5:00] You are not alone

[5:53] Cognitive and mental stabilization

[6:46] Medical model is prescriptive

[9:58] Medical model makes clients recovery more critical to the counselor

[12:18] Easier to be a critic than a cheerleader

[14:10] Cognitive Behavioral therapy uses during treatment

[16:13] Scotts continued recovery experience

[18:54] Elevate’s biggest difference from AA or NA

[24:05] How COVID-19 is affecting aftercare

[25:42] Pillars of recovery

[32:56] Why Scott chose Elevate

[38:32] Responsibility in healing goes both ways

[40:58] Showing up

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Episode 4: Dallas Terrell

Dallas and Angie talk about Dallas’s journey to sobriety. From baseball superstar in high school to a rough and tumble early adulthood, Dallas talks about his journey to growth at Elevate. Because no two people recover the same way, a different program from the 12-step may be just what you need to feel empowered.

Dallas knows that just because he is a counselor doesn’t mean that he’s working on his recovery.

Where to Find Dallas Online:

Podcast: The Betterment Bros 

Instagram: @bettermentbros

Web : Betterment-bros.com

[1:56] Sober modality 

[3:24] Own your story 

[4:15] Low-light reel 

[5:04] Dallas’ dad’s sober journey 

[7:16] Highschool – the beginning of the end 

[12:09] The perfect storm for addiction 

[16:01] Park City 

[18:58] I thought that’s what you did

[19:48] Sober living house 

[22:42] Salt Lake 

[27:20] Homeless hospitality 

[28:59] Return to Salt lake 

[29:39] Revolving detox 

[33:18] Woke up to tragedy 

[34:15] Grandpa – the turnaround 

[34:42] Enrolled at Elevate

[35:34] What about the 12 steps? 

[36:39] 90-day program 

[38:00] Cured, uncured 

[39:48] Return to Elevate 

[41:28] Fits like a glove 

[46:41] Gotta go all in 

[47:41] Purpose, connection, healing 

[50:49] Mentally, emotionally, and physically 


[53:39] Fun in sobriety 

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Episode 5: TJ Woodward

Over 12 years in the addiction treatment industry, TJ is a recovery specialist, author, inspirational speaker, and treatment consultant. TJ’s books Conscious Being: Awakening to your True Nature and Conscious Recovery: A Fresh Perspective on Addiction, focus on new and informative ways to approach substance abuse and sobriety.

Join us today as we talk about the adaptation of Conscious Recovery at Elevate Addiction Services, it’s founding principles, and the genuine need to remain curious in this seemingly crazy world.

TJ Woodward Contact Info:

About Conscious Recovery

TJ Woodward’s Website

Instagram: @tjwoodward_

[2:07] Conscious recovery at Elevate

[4:48] Industry standards are changing

[5:12] Trauma and relapse

[7:43] Taking your power back

[9:19] Addiction is more than symptoms

[12:12] What it means to hold space for others

[16:46] Power dynamics in recovery

[17:38] Healing is not about telling or fixing

[18:34] Curiosity VS Force

[19:55] Train to be a C.O.P.

[24:56] TJ’s experience with Elevate

[26:33] Offer different tools

[28:00] How do you hold space?

[30:45] Problems in life

[34:32] The need for more than one tool during recovery

[35:35] Out of the box thinking – meet you where you’re at

[40:01] Divisions in the world

[42:40] Politics and holding space

[44:58] Sheltering in place and substance abuse

[56:17] The gifts animals bring

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Episode 6: Seth Provencio

Today Dallas and Angie talk with Seth Provincio. Seth recently graduated from the Elevate Addiction Services treatment program and has now joined the staff.

Join us as we explore the recovery program at Elevate and its influence on Seth and his life. Seth recalls his time at Elevate from detox to graduation. For Seth, his recovery meant rediscovering his hopes, dreams, goals, and his drive to get those things done.

“It can be thrilling to live sober and rebuild relationships with people you care about.” – Seth

Listen in for the full inspiring story!

Seth’s Contact Info: Instagram – @OGseth

[0:57] Recent graduate of the program and newly appointed staff

[1:39] Why Elevate?

[2:23] Life before Elevate – felt hopeless

[2:56] Happiness levels off the charts

[3:55] Worst day sober is better than my best day on drugs

[4:14] Detox was different because it was separate from the rest of the program

[5:58] Being sober for a year, happiest I’ve ever felt

[7:21] Past program experiences – step based treatments were not for me

[8:40] Phase one of treatment

[8:52] Trauma and addiction

[9:20] Feeling haunted but mindfulness helped Seth stay present

[10:22] All the moving parts of the program helped rebuild trust

[11:07] Everyone at Elevate is specialized in what they do. No one is responsible for everything

[11:58] Learned to be there for me

[13:12] Confronting the past – most healing aspect of the program

[15:30] Responsibility Step – helped recognize the patterns in your behavior

[17:06] It’s nice to be a part of the “real” world

[17:53] Amends process and epiphanies

[19:21] Blame game

[20:25] Working out and healing

[21:41] Actions over words – finding inspiration

[22:20] Perspective is important

[23:12] Elevate graduation – the end result of all the hard work

[24:24] More than just a rehab – it’s all about the real-life changes

[25:12] The grease behind the gears

[27:42] Mental blocks are more frequent than physical blocks

[28:32] Respect for the staff, who have been through their own recovery journey’s

[28:54] Seth’s favorite part of Elevate – being able to look at yourself and feel proud

[30:03] Seth’s continued recovery tools

[30:40] Never thought that sobriety could be fun

[31:35] Hope was the most crucial thing Seth gained from the Elevate Program

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Episode 7: Angie Manson

Today Dallas and Angie talk about Angie’s origin story. From low-income housing to CEO of Elevate Addiction Services, we will follow Angie’s story from start to finish.

Join us as we discover how Angie found a real passion for helping others by going through the journey herself. Walk with us through Angie’s struggles and see what consistent work and effort can do. You do the work. You get rewarded.

Inspired by her grandparents, who always believed in her, and her mom, who believed in tough love, Angie learned the hard way how to take care of herself and others.

Angie’s Contact Info:

Instagram: @angie.elevate

[2:20] Own your story

[3:29] Read, read, read

[5:39] 11-years old stealing and cutting school

[8:18] Inching closer to the dark side

[10:17] 16 years old – dropped out of high school & grounded

[11:32] Mom calls the cops

[12:46] Jail to treatment

[17:35] Being an addict was the best thing that ever happened to me

[19:06] Best friends and meth

[19:58] Up and left to Santa Cruz

[21:14] 23-day challenge

[22:29] Letter from Laura

[23:28] New job, new license

[23:53] Destroy the car, forget the job

[25:38] Public defender – the “problem”

[27:45] The wild, wild west – free radio spot

[31:15] A year in, probation stands

[31:42] Itch to help others

[32:04] Different mentality about treatment back then

[32:18] Andy was my first father figure

[34:57] Final court date

[36:54] Debt to society is paid

[37:54] Just keep doing the right thing – the world will work it out

[40:58] Endurance and loyalty

[43:27] Delivering baby number one, and payroll

[45:05] The evolution of treatment

[55:22] Nothing is impossible

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Episode 8: Zane Helburg

Zane has been sober since 2012. With a passion for laughter and a desire to share it with those in a recovery setting, Zane has visited countless rehab centers in California and throughout the United States.

Join us today as we talk about Zane’s journey to sobriety and how it influenced his comedy business. We talk about how important it is to laugh during recovery and what it means to live sober.

Zane Helberg Info:

Website: https://stircrazycomedyclub.com

Instagram: @zanehelberg

[1:38] Laugh to live

[4:12] Laughter as medicine

[5:48] The scariness of vulnerability

[7:36] Being yourself while getting sober

[12:35] Zane’s sobriety journey

[18:20] Learning to do things sober

[21:30] COVID-19 pandemic isolation and addiction

[28:59] You are not alone

[36:00] The 15-year sobriety journey

[39:10] Sobriety and real life

[51:42] Doing your own thing

[1:02:03] Elevates’ vibe

[1:04:58] You can be you at Elevate

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Episode 9: Elevate's Core Values

Today Dallas and Angie talk about Elevate’s Core Values. Take a look at the inner workings of Elevate and the standards we hold ourselves to. At Elevate, we work hard to improve others’ lives and work together to fix more significant issues regarding substance abuse and our culture.

We are on a mission to show the world that sobriety isn’t a white-knuckled drag, but a choice to live your life outside of the control of substances. The Elevate staff know that addiction treatment is not a job for the meek, and we hold ourselves to values that ensure we stay our happy, healthy selves while also keeping it real with our clients.



[1:00] Our mission

[3:19] The difference

[6:54] Purpose-driven

[8:03] We are here to help

[11:30] Teamwork

[12:23] Never preach down to others

[16:16] Positive part

[17:20] Happiness and sobriety

[18:06] Genuine compassion without enabling

[21:16] Disingenuous radar

[23:27] The right thing

[25:00] Remember the standard

[25:34] What doing the right thing looks like

[30:19] Not always needing to be perfect

[31:14] Hardworking and fun

[34:02] Fighting the darkness with fun

[34:45] Being in the moment to see the good and the bad

[37:20] Sobriety is the expansion of life – not a restriction

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