The Importance Of Managed Detox On The Path To A Sober Life

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The Importance Of Managed Detox

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The physical aspect of a drug or alcohol addiction is only one aspect of what must be treated. Holistic drug detox programs address much more than this, including the mental, emotional and environmental aspects of what may be causing bad habits to form. This can be quite a lot for an individual to manage, especially one who is trying to get over the physical hurdles of addiction. Fortunately, drug and alcohol detox does not have to be a lonely road.

Any family that is looking for detox treatment centers should consider the total body, not only the prescription medication side. In many cases, managed drug detox programs work better in the long term and provide more support for patients who are looking for a new lifestyle as well as a release from addiction.

What Is a Managed Detox Program?

A managed detox program is a detox program that is medically supervised. In many cases, if an individual tries to take on his own detox, he will focus on relieving short term pain rather than solving the long-term problem.

There are also serious health risks that are coming off of extended bouts of drug or alcohol use. Coming off of substance abuse into drug detox programs may produce life-threatening symptoms like seizures. Medically supervised detox treatment centers will include medical doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and support staff as needed. Support staff may include mental as well as physical counsel.

Who Needs a Managed Detox Program?

The first consideration when deciding on drug and alcohol rehab centers is the type of substance that is being misused. Although every patient should consult with a dedicated detox professional no matter the drug, there are certain drugs that should always be managed.

So-called “less serious” drugs may also become serious issues for certain patients based on their chemical makeup. The best detox treatment centers will always consider the patient as an individual, never placing them in a one size fits all solution.

What Are the Risks of Foregoing Management in a Detox Program?

Going through drug withdrawal can be dangerous. Experts believe that people who go through withdrawal without medical supervision will experience the symptoms of withdrawal at a higher level of intensity. Without medical supervision, the patient may misdiagnose his condition and treat it incorrectly. This can make the problem worse or extend a treatment program for no reason.

Patients with emotional issues may not be able to manage their own programs. Doctors also have access to more powerful methods of detox that may not be available to the patient alone. Doctors also have the ability to pivot a treatment program more quickly if it is found to be less efficient than planned. This kind of experience can help a patient sidestep many of the pitfalls that they have on their own, prevent relapse and actually reduce the cost of moving back into a life of balanced sobriety.

What Does Managed Detox Accomplish?

A managed detox puts a patient in a good position moving into the next stage of treatment. A doctor with drug and alcohol detox experience can make recommendations into more inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment. A patient can also be directed into a particular type of program like adventure therapy depending on the individual characteristics of the patient.

Detox that is managed also gets the job done more quickly. A patient who is in physical and mental pain can maintain a better spirit if treatment needs to continue. A quick and effective drug or alcohol detox also costs less (especially if it is inpatient), and drug and alcohol rehab centers with managed detox capabilities give the patient more physical energy to focus on repairing any mental and emotional issues that substance abuse may have caused.

Any family or individual person who is seriously considering drug and alcohol rehab centers should closely consider managed detox as an option. Withdrawal management can be difficult for individuals to accomplish, and the advice of a dedicated professional can make the process go much faster and much more efficiently.
On the path to a sober life, forming the right habits is one of the most important aspects of detox. Doctors can help to ensure a better transition into a new lifestyle that sticks, reducing the cost of the program, lowering the chances of relapse, and creating a more comfortable environment for the patient and his family.

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