When someone becomes addicted to a substance, they are likely to experience intense cravings.


Common Substances  of Abuse

Xanax Heroin Cocaine Alcohol Opioids Adderall Marijuana Methamphetamine


Tolerance to a substance generally happens gradually with each use but can happen faster or slower depending on the substance.



Even drugs you have a prescription for can become addictive. Make sure to speak with a medical professional before taking a prescription drug.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal Symptoms occur when someone stops taking a substance they are addicted to. Symptoms vary but can be unpleasant and dangerous.



Detox is the process of weening off a substance you have been abusing. It's the first step before beginning treatment.

Physical Dependence

Once you have developed a physical dependence on a substance, you will have difficulty stopping without assistance.



Whereas addiction was once commonly viewed as a mental or moral weakness, the public’s perception is slowly shifting toward a more compassionate viewpoint.

Drug-seeking behaviors

Drug-seeking behavior is a significant indicator of addiction. When someone prioritizes finding a substance, they may spend an excessive amount of time and energy on this task.


Physical symptoms of addiction

- Dilated or pinpoint pupils - Bloodshot or glazed over eyes - Sudden changes in weight - Problems falling asleep or staying asleep - Unusual body odors

Financial  trouble

Financial problems related to substance abuse are common when someone becomes addicted. Most of your money will go towards obtaining what you are addicted to which doesnt leave much for anything else.


the Difference between Addiction and Substance Abuse

When someone initially starts to take drugs or alcohol in excess, it is typically considered substance abuse. With continued use, they then develop a substance use disorder, otherwise known as addiction.

Increased risky behavior & neglecting responsibilities

Individuals struggling with addiction are more likely to participate in irresponsible behaviors such as stealing, lying, engaging in unsafe sex, selling drugs, or other crimes resulting in jail time.



Addiction is a severe condition, and it is never recommended for someone to suddenly stop taking a substance or attempt to get off a drug without professional medical advice.